Bart van der Lelie

Policy expert


Bart van der Lelie has founded Lysiac B.V. in 2010 and is partner at Lysiac, specialized in policy, media and politics in health care.

After studying biochemistry Bart has built broad experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He held various management positions with responsibility for reimbursement, pricing, PR/media, government relations, pharmaco economic studies and communication.

Bart has policy experience from his seat in a consultative meeting for the ‘policy rule expensive- and orphan drugs’ in the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), later evolved into the add-on funding. This policy experience has expanded with multiple functions in umbrella organisations. He has chaired various consultation meetings with authorities and healthcare providers on subjects like reimbursement, registries and policy developments.


As director of Lysiac, Bart has further specialized in the interaction between policy and practice in the financing of care. Based on his experience with the development of policy in the political context and insight into the various stakeholders’ issues, Bart committed to improving policy and practice, particularly in the area of specialty care. As a policy expert he is asked as chairman or presenter for meetings and consultations with the government, authorities, health insurers, doctors, pharmacists, industry, hospitals and umbrella organizations. His broad knowledge and network give him the opportunity to have an insight into the different stakeholder interests, views and considerations.


Bart can be contacted via or +31 30 275 1746.